Continue the Movement

If you've been blessed by the Give Hope Movement, we want you to give back to those around you. Don't let the cycle end with you! Look at the people and community around you and spread the hope you've been given. There is something that each and every one of us can do to bring hope to the people around us. Below we've created some ideas of ways you can start giving back in your neighborhood and community. Below we've got 10 simple ideas that could help you radically bless and give hope to the people around you. They may be strangers but they are also the people that make up the fabric of your community.

Bless Another

Bust out your lawn mower and go down the street mowing lawns for free. It won't cost you much but it will speaks volumes to the people on your street.
Most servers make minimum wage or even below if customers don't tip well. You can make their day or even their weekend by giving them a tip of $20 or even $50. But imagine making their year with a tip of $100 or $200!
Although it's one of the easiest ways to help the needy, many food pantry's are struggling to fill their warehouses. Or they get donated food that is past the expiration date and unusable. Go to the grocery store and buy NEW food to donate to the hungry.
You can help the relationships and marriages of those around you by giving the gift of a date night. Offer to babysit or even to pay for the date of a couple you know. Give the gift of love.
It's a pretty basic thing, but one we could all do more. Serve at your local soup kitchen to help their normal volunteers. And don't serve during a big serving time like Thanksgiving! Serve during the summer when they are struggling to find help!

Pay it Forward

Help the next person to use the parking space by leaving extra money in the parking meter for them. It may just make their day.
Whether in the drive-through at Starbucks on on the Toll Booth. Paying for the person behind you is a great way to start a mini-movement of giving back to the people around you.
Give someone a free movie night with just a bag of popcorn. It's as easy as some tape and something in your cupboard. But you may have just brought an entire family closer together by sponsoring their movie night.
If you've ever had a little one at home you know accidents can happen at any time. Leave some supplies behind to bless those in the midst of the cleanup. This can be a huge blessing to a busy mom who needs a little help.
Ever need to wash your clothes but were just a few quarters shy? It can happen to anyone! Leave some quarters behind with a nice note to help someone out who needs just a few more quarters to complete their weekly laundry.